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things have been very full lately.  sad, happy, drunk, stoned,… - stuart [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 30th, 2006|02:01 am]

things have been very full lately. 
sad, happy, drunk, stoned, hallucinating, confused, tired, awake, sleeping, cramped, itchy.
my friends are hurting, and i love them too much to see them hurt. 
i want to break some people's teeth. let's leave it at that. 
i think they know how much i really care, even though i'm too much of a space case to really look like i'm paying attention.

you know?

drunk at mauri's house last night. it was fun.
40s of colt 45 are my new boyfriend.
as for new years at nina's, it should be interesting. she's really trying to keep it small, because she dosen't want drama up to the ears.
i don't like seeing her stressed, and me being coked up, i'm probably going to bitch out anyone who pisses her off.  
pepople should just be respectful.
get trashed and have fun, holy shit, is it really that complicated?
i hope the night goes well, for all of our sakes. 
and if you know anyone who invited themself, please tell them it's not gonna fly.
i'm just worried for a good fried, that's all.

spread the word please.


From: (Anonymous)
2007-01-29 08:48 pm (UTC)
Earlier today I stuck both my thumbs up one nostril. It was soooo fukked - in a good way.
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